Sunday, December 16, 2007

Module # 4 : Business Communication

Managerial Communication : MBA – I Sem
Module #: 4



Business letters are important part of business communication. Every business, irrespective of its size and structure, has to establish rapport with customers, suppliers, government agencies etc., through letters. We can handle business activities over a telephone but it is either expensive or time consuming. Moreover people fail to retain more than 25% of what they hear and the chances of misunderstanding are high on oral communication.


Business letters like personal letters are also a piece of conversation in writing but they differ in certain aspects. The objective of personal is to establish a personal contact or to keep alive a personal relationship or to evoke sense of actual meeting with the reader. On the other hand the objective of a business letter is to achieve a definite purpose like selling product, seeking information, creating goodwill etc., Personal letter letters being least formal are supposed to be frank an intimate whereas business letters are more formal and to the point.


leshmark said...

Yes,it,s true,business letters are an important mode of communication in business,s good than oral communication as mentioned .

Jayashree Iyer said...

Managerial communication is very important in this day and time. It helps to ensure good working environment and effective strategies to lead. Thanks for sharing!!
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