Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Purpose of this Blog

Hi Friends! -- This blog is created exclusively for 'YOU' the MBA-I Sem students of SAMS. Through this blog I intend to give you the most I can, related to Managerial Communication. You can download the study material and go along with the subject at your own pace.

I want that this blog should act as a 'Two-way Communication Tool' for mutual benifit. Therefore you are expected to actively participate by way of posting your comments as soon as poosible, after something appears from my side on this blog.

Now, let us have a look at the "Syllabus" prescribed by Bangalore University.


satish kumar said...

sir please make all the students to actively participate in your efforts of making them active and try to give some seminars from the students by giving them individual topic first and further give them topic of their choice in the next seminar make a team member of each group may be around 5 students in a group and then inform them to talk about the topic for at least 15 minutes a group member it will give confidence to others also

ambika said...

hello sir..
sir first i want to convey my thanks for you and also for ampu sir for providing us the study material through our college website. for the students who are from other disciplines like b.sc,ba .etc who are the first to this subject this study material will be very helpfull.
to make students to involve actively in this path it is necessary to provide more and more assignments. so that they will be helpfull for the exams.

newblog said...
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jairam said...

sir i am sure this is not an appropriate channel or place to write about my idea
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i have an idea tosuggest you
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now one can say "PEARS the name that appears"

Jairam Mittapally
7-8/9A, Nacharam Hyderabad 500076