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Question Bank : Short Answer Questions

The following 60 short answer questions serve as a guideline for you to prepare for the final examination. This list in not exhaustive and the aspirants of good marks are advised to consult various text books written on this subject which are available in library.

1. What is Communication?
2. What is communication process?
3. What are the differences between one way and two way communication?
4. Differentiate between verbal and non-verbal communication.
5. What are the various sources of information?
6. What are the essentials of an effective advice?
7. Differentiate between advice and counseling.
8. What is non-verbal communication?
9. What is Kinesics?
10. What is Proxemics?
11. What is Paralanguage?
12. What is communication network?
13. What is formal communication?
14. What is informal communication?
15. What is grapevine?
16. What are the benefits of upward communication?
17. What are the prerequisites of an effective downward communication?
18. Differentiate between grapevine and rumour.
19. What is meant by communication barrier?
20. What are semantic barriers of communication?
21. What are organizational barriers?
22. What are psychological barriers of communication?
23. How does the language act as a barrier to effective communication?
24. What is emphatic listening?
25. What is selective listening?
26. Why is listening important in business communication?
27. What are the possible faulty assumptions of listening?
28. How can listening be made effective?
29. What is information technology?
30. What is Telex?
31. What is internet?
32. Differentiate between WAN and LAN?
33. What is ISDN?
34. What is multimedia?
35. What is WWW?
36. Explain the advantages of telex service?
37. What are the services provided by internet?
38. What is a business letter?
39. Why business letters are important?
40. What are the functions of a business letter?
41. How can business letter be made effective?
42. What are the various formats of a business letter?
43. How can clarity be sought in the message of business letter?
44. What are solicited and unsolicited enquires?
45. What are circular letters?
46. What are Sales letters?
47. What is the objective of circular letter?
48. What is the purpose of sales letter?
49. What are credit letters?
50. Differentiate between claim and complaint?
51. What are personal letters?
52. What points should be considered while drafting confirmation or promotion letters?
53. What is a report?
54. What are various types of reports?
55. What is progress report?
56. What is a committee report?
57. What is forwarding letter?
58. What is the importance of summary in a report?
59. What is structure of report?
60. Discuss the importance of summary report?

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